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Boca do Lobo is a Portuguese design brand that is turning the furniture industry on its head. Introducing a time-defying vision towards our aesthetic, and pushing a new dimension of detail, we strive towards changing the whole game. Our creations and work demonstrate the excellence of forgotten arts, using materials and techniques that are partly traditional and ptimeless character. It is our mission to break arts, and surprise the public with every creation.

This begins with the movement of our designers’ pencils, brought to existence by the hands of our artisan craftsmen, that master a wide variety of skills and techniques. It all comes down to a story where designers and artisans share the best of both worlds, and create one-of-a-kind luxury furniture, pieces that evoke a strong emotional connection in those who come in touch with them.

“Boca do Lobo seeks for its pieces to be more than simply a decorative object. We want people to connect with them emotionally as we do. Each piece was created to overcome the barriers of time and accompany people at all times of their lives.” With a portfolio that includes 5 collections, we are able to touch upon several design aesthetics and lines, and reach a variety of divisions and utilities, for each of our pieces. Boca do Lobo’s core characteristics are inherently felt throughout each collection, which find themselves in constant development. We believe that these are the key ingredients needed to carve a mark in the timeline of furniture design.